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kid mercury

while everyone bears some blame, federal reserve deserves the primary portion of the blame. greenspan's fed created the dot com bubble by overexpanding the money supply. the money supply was again overexpanded to create the housing bubble. the money supply is AGAIN being overexpanded to pay for the bailouts of fannie/freddie, AIG, and apparently anyone on wall st who feels like getting the fed to print some money and give it to them. the end result will be massive inflation (the 14% we have seen thus far this year is just the beginning). the american people are being robbed via inflation, with the beneficiaries being those who received the excess money that was created: wall st firms and the military industrial complex.

time to get out of the US dollar. forex, gold, commodities are the way to protect yourself from inflation. over the next 3.5 years (i hope not sooner), we'll see the US dollar essentially die.

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