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Bob Habian

I appreciate your comment about the 1%. I raised capital for my startup in the middle of the dot-com boom-to-bust era ('97-2001) and found that when the bust occurred, so many managers in Silicon Valley simply disappeared without a word. In my case, I remain close with many of my investors. Ironic as it may be, my largest investor, ($450k+), ended up losing over $50m in other deals when the bubble burst, and later ended up on my doorstep needing help, financially and otherwise. I helped him in his time of need and he remains one of my most cherished relationships in life.

You seem to be in the 1% on the investor side in terms of quality as a true investment partner and I hope your entrepreneurs value your uniqueness. Your "Running Money" term is potent and sobering... worthy of a lot of serious contemplation at any stage in a venture.

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