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Goal Should Be Acquisition

Each one of these companies should look to build a user base as fast as possible. Advertisements/Partnerships with myspace, youtube, and others should help get them to be a household name in the 18-35 generation.

They should then shop themselves to AT and T, Verizon, Google, and all other service providers.

With technology changing so fast, VC funders should try to flip their position ASAP so they can get their money back before the technology used by the company they funded is obsolete 5 years later.


I believe SIPphone has been trying to become brand name as the Skype alternative and utilize partnerships to this end as evidenced by their previous LiveJournal deal. In speaking with the company president prior to receiving VC funding last year, it sounded like they were positioning themselves for an acquisition and branding themselves as the only "open" network that was not attached to an existing carrier or network. Since receiving funding I am not sure how this goal has changed but it is obvious that they have been doing great things and I would imagine would be extremely valuable to any major communications company who has been sluggish or ineffective in their VOIP strategy.

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