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An other positive change for consumers, but also small businesses in Europe has been in recent years the great expansion of low cost air travel. Ryanair, but also EasyJet, introduced very many outrageously low priced routes, connecting the continent in a mesh of travel opportunities. Where our offices are the Italian Ryanair hub is just ten minutes away, together with a lot of great destinations of art, culture, and nature in Northern Italy, and Italy's biggest shopping center: there are people coming buy for the day from Belgium, or London, to look around, have fun, and go home with some parmesan cheese of prosciutto ham. The same is true for those business travelers who can accomodate their schedules that minimum which is necessary to find the right day to fly, and routinely arrange international face-to-face meetings at almost no cost.


David - This is a great point and it is a big difference that I noticed. I flew Transavia while some of my colleagues flew EasyJet and Ryanair. Much more convenient than a long train ride. One thing I did notice is that all of the low-cost airlines run out of their hubs mostly based in Western Europe. Thus, the concept of hopping from country to country without going back to the hub is not quite there yet. However it will likely be only a matter of time before the "Southwest Airlines" model in Europe will truly globalize the EU.

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