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Daniel Nerezov

Great post James!

I think the point you made about serial entrepreneurs is so important that it needs emphasis like 10 times over.

Founders who thinks like VCs make better CEO's because they squeeze operational risks out of their ventures, they understand the notion of risks, and ultimately protect their ventures from unnecessary risks to skew probability of success in their favor, the favor of their employees, investors and partners.

Entrepreneurs thinking like VC's aligns objectives of both parties, makes better companies, protects entrepreneurs from unsystematic risk and is just a better way to practice entrepreneurship (better for being risk efficient).

That said, the idea of building portfolios rather than companies is a major shift in thinking for the world's agents of capitalism, economic growth and innovation.


i think the question at the end is the perfect decision making for one's entrepreneur career ... there are entrepreneur who just cant ride the same car (business) year after year - they need new vehicle (startup) to prove their worth - they neither care for the control nor whether the VC would be able to create any value after he leaves. These kind of entrepreneur are driven by the ideas and not by staying with the same company forever ... the best thing for them is to create the value in first couple of years and then give up the stake to VC or get bought by some other company and move on to next idea... they just cant wait to create something new from the scratch - they like to be a King-maker all the time.

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